Post gym pizza

Attempt this expedient, wonderful, low-carb, wholegrain goat’s cheddar and red onion pizza

Planning time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serves: 1

Step by step instructions to make it:

Meagerly cut a peeled red onion, add to a skillet with a dash of sunflower oil and cook for a few minutes to mellow. Include a decent squeeze of dired oregano, a liberal pound of dark pepper and eight split cherry tomatoes. Blend well and expel from the warmth.

Put a wholemeal tortilla on a preparing sheet and spread the onion and tomato blend equally over it. Best with 50g of meagerly cut goat’s cheddar broken into pieces. Prepare in a pre-warmed stove at 180 °C (gas stamp 4) for four to five minutes until the cheddar begins to dissolve. Expel from the broiler, disperse with generally torn new basil leaves, then serve.

Did you know?

Cherry tomatoes are stuffed with cancer prevention agent lycopene and minerals. Wholemeal tortillas are lower in starch than a thick pizza outside layer, in addition to higher in fiber. Goat’s cheddar is for the most part lower in fat than bovine’s cheddar and is a decent wellspring of calcium and protein.

Nutri tip!

Utilize a wholegrain pizza base, pitta or flatbread for a more beneficial outside layer. Heap up the veg, utilize natively constructed tomato sauce, skirt the prepared meats and utilize insignificant cheddar to cut calories.

Formula by Lyndon Hmm, H&F adhering to a good diet master.

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