Unhealthy snack traps

They may appear to be celestial, however the unfilled calories in these snacks are the quickest approach to attack your good dieting arrangement.

Yogurt-secured dried natural product

Yogurt covering on dried natural product is just dried yogurt powder blended with sugar and fat. Add this to the regular fructose in the dried products of the soil soon too high in sugar to be solid.

Banana chips

These fresh snacks are frequently broiled and treated with sugar syrups and at times sweeteners. On the off chance that you should, locate an unsweetened and air-dried form.

Oat bars

Numerous oat bars are low in fiber and protein, and weighed down with sugar – we discovered one with an astounding 12.7g of sugar in a 30g bar (more than a normal soda).

Broiled nuts

These enticing nuts are covered in oil before being broiled and salted – rendering a some time ago sound modest bunch of snack into an eating regimen no-go zone.


Spread? Check. Sugar? Check. Brilliant syrup? Check. The decency of oats are insufficient to spare these calorie-loaded eating regimen calamities.

Seasoned water

Frequently advertised as a sound other option to natural product squeeze, these beverages contain fake flavors and included sugars. Pop a wedge of lime in your water bottle.

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